Feuermusik on Toronto Island

June 22, 2007


Followed Feuermusik for their show on Toronto Island on a nice summer evening.

Wolfe Island

June 13, 2007


A short trip to Kingston and Wolfe Island with Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs.

Taico Club

June 10, 2007


A few days in Japan… spent a ridiculous jetlagged evening in Tokyo and then travelled to Nagano to play at Taico Festival.

Last Days in Tokyo

July 31, 2006


These are some pictures from the last few days of the tour. Dela invited us to play a “secret” show at the Bullets club in Roppongi. Jason and I decided to try something a bit different for this show, which was a 6955/IARAP collaboration. I am testing putting some text here.

Cruising Iris

July 29, 2006



July 28, 2006


Shawn from Lullatone set up a show for us in a great venue underneath the train tracks in Nagoya. The trains stopped running that night in Nagoya, so we decided to stay out all night. We spent the night roaming around the city, and eventually found a small all-night bar where we ordered food and drinks for 5 hours and tried not to fall asleep!

Day Three

July 25, 2006


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Pizza at Heidi’s

July 21, 2006


Heidi is one of the only people i know in the city that has a big backyard with a big garden in it.
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A Night with the Minotaurs

July 11, 2006


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July 3, 2006


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