Wavelength 450

October 13, 2009



recording at the junkshop

February 1, 2009

fire sushi

February 1, 2009

ted dawson’s visual score

February 1, 2009

@ music gallery


January 17, 2009


robot band practice

November 26, 2008

test mobile

November 15, 2008

Momome Test

September 28, 2008


first day with the monome open source controller/software package. the music is an initial version of some game music i’m working on with jonathan mak.

Tenori On Tour

April 28, 2008



Photos and Video from the Tenori On World Launch Tour in spring 2008 featuring Toshio Iwai, Robert Lippok, Nathan Michel, Sutekh and Pole.

Tokyo New Year

January 14, 2008


Pictures from December 2007/January 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. Includes a visit to the beach in Kamakura, and a lot of wandering around empty streets late at night.

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